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Chocolate Covered Strawberry shots.

This will be a nice party booster!


1 Cup Vanilla vodka
1 Cup Godiva liquor
Chocolate syrup for taste

Hollow out strawberries and dip them in melted chocolate. Leave to harden.
Fill with the Chocolate / Alcohol mix – for a delicious shot in an edible glass.

Serve chilled!



Avocado smoothie

Avocadosmoothie med banan, melk og vanilje, er min favoritt etter trening, sier Kine fra bloggen Vegetarmat. Foto:


1 avocado
1 banana
3 dl milk
0.5 teaspoon vanilla (powder or fresh stick)

How to:

1. cut avocado and banana in pieces.
2. Mix in blender with milk and vanillapowder until smooth (you can use more milk if you like the consistency to be more liquidy)
3. Serve cold


Recipe from ICA originally

Fresh Strawberry Margaritas

Difficulty: Easy | Total Time: 10 mins | Makes: About 6 (8-ounce) drinks

1 1/2 pounds frozen strawberries
8 ounces silver (blanco), 100 percent agave tequila
6 ounces Simple Syrup
4 ounces freshly squeezed lime juice (from about 8 medium limes)
2 ounces triple sec orange liqueur, preferably Luxardo Triplum or Cointreau
1/8 teaspoon fine salt
3 cups ice

Place all of the ingredients except the ice in a blender and blend on high until smooth. Add the ice, pushing it to the bottom of the pitcher, and blend on high until smooth. Serve immediately.


Raspberry Ice Cubes

For hot summer days, when you want to add that extra little flavour to your water – add ice cubes with Raspberries. Or if you just have some extra raspberries after your last dinner party.

They are drop-dead easy to make.

Just add a few raspberries into the icecube tray. Add water and freeze until you want to use them.


Vodka Melon

This recipe has a high party factor :D

1 Medium Large WaterMelon
1 Bottle of Vodka

Lay the Melon in a steady position
Cut a whole in the Melon (5cm max)

Stick the Vodka Bottle upside down into the hole in the Melon.
Let stand like this until bottle is empty.

Preparations demand at least 20-24 hours for the alcohol to fully be absorbed into the Melon.

Cut and serve the watermelon in portion sized pieces!
A great party snack

Frozen Kiwi-Cantaloupe-Watermelon Smoothie


Strawberry WaterMelon Juice

My favourite Juice is made of Strawberries and WaterMelon.

It has a beautiful color and the 2 fruits really compliments each other in taste.

For 2 Gallons (about 7.5 litres) of Juice I use 1 small watermelon and 1 kg strawberries.

Clean the watermelon from its seeds and clean the strawberries.

Mix in a blender.

Add 3-4 dl of Sugar (helps the taste as well as the durability) and fill the container with water until full. Shake well and serve cold!

Enjoy your Strawberry Watermelon Juice :D It’s Yummylicious !!

Bubble Tea!

A few years back (2008) I was visiting friends in San Francisco and I was introduced to the delicious Bubble Tea.

Many of you will think now “Bubble Tea”?? Never heard of!
I had never heard of Bubble Tea prior to my visit in SF, but originally this is an Asian drink. In Norway this is an “unheard-of” phenomenon (or, as I also like to call it, non-existing).

Over the years I have not returned to SF, but I have been to the US several times and I have tried searching for the main ingredient, Tapioca Pearls, but I never found them. I found lots of white pearls, but never the black ones that I wanted. You can probably use the white pearls as well, but… it looks way cooler with the dark “bubbles”.
I searched E-bay and until recently I didnt find a seller that would ship to Norway, but finally! yesterday a small bag of black Tapioca Pearls was waiting for me in my mailbox!


  • 2 table spoons of liquid honey (In Norway honey can be hard, but just as delicious)
  • 1 cup of pre-made tea (and cooled down)
  • 1 cup of milk
  • Icecubes
  • Tapioca Pearls

Cook the Tapioca pearls as described on the package until they are all soft.

Prepare the tea, add the honey and let it cool down. Blend with the milk.

Crush som ice cubes and add it all in a glass.

Add the soft Tapioca pearls and … And Abracadabra! A delicious glass of Bubble Tea – Ready for your enjoyment !

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