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Vodka Melon

This recipe has a high party factor :D

1 Medium Large WaterMelon
1 Bottle of Vodka

Lay the Melon in a steady position
Cut a whole in the Melon (5cm max)

Stick the Vodka Bottle upside down into the hole in the Melon.
Let stand like this until bottle is empty.

Preparations demand at least 20-24 hours for the alcohol to fully be absorbed into the Melon.

Cut and serve the watermelon in portion sized pieces!
A great party snack


Frozen Kiwi-Cantaloupe-Watermelon Smoothie


Strawberry WaterMelon Juice

My favourite Juice is made of Strawberries and WaterMelon.

It has a beautiful color and the 2 fruits really compliments each other in taste.

For 2 Gallons (about 7.5 litres) of Juice I use 1 small watermelon and 1 kg strawberries.

Clean the watermelon from its seeds and clean the strawberries.

Mix in a blender.

Add 3-4 dl of Sugar (helps the taste as well as the durability) and fill the container with water until full. Shake well and serve cold!

Enjoy your Strawberry Watermelon Juice :D It’s Yummylicious !!

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