I always had lots of stomach problems and pains growing up and in adult life, but none of the tests that I took at the doctors showed anything in particular that I was allergic to or intolerant to.
I remember the first time I became aware of it was the year that I didn’t have stomach problems, when my diet changed completely from the Norwegian diet for dark grain bread to rice and beans. My stomach functioned so well with rice and beans! On the other hand… exchanging back to the Norwegian diet… I was straight back to stomach problems.
I tried glutenfree. I tried egg free. In periods I got better. In periods I got worse.
It culminated in 2012 when I passed the entire summer with excrutiating pain and stopped eating to avoid the pain. Of course that only helped on a temporary basis…
Finally I was recommended a specialist that worked and took the right tests and finally I got the results that I needed and advices to start a new diet. This new diet works and although I still suffer from the occational stomach pain, I mainly go in peace and enjoy a new life without regular stomach pains :D


I am allergic to Egg (both the white and the yolk), Rye, Oats, Tuna, Mackerell, Almonds, Oranges, Clementines, Mandarines and most of the food that I make will be adjusted to this.

In itself avoiding food containing any of these ingredients is quite easy – IF you make the food yourself and avoid pastries from bakeries. I love to bake and cook so that is not a big problem for me and I also have gotten used to bringing cakes to parties if I want to eat cake. Sometimes I even make the cake the gift to the person who’s birthday is being celebrated. Well decorated – I have never ever come across anyone that weren’t happy about recieving a cake as a birthday present :D

I am not allergic to Gluten or Lactose, but I often cook gluten and lactose free for friends that are allergic for either or both. With most of these recipes you can exchange the regular flour with gluten free flour and the milk with coconut milk, almond milk etc. and it will taste just as delicious.

Unfortunately with many food allergies, there are often cross allergies and some of the ones I have are:

Latex, Pollen (especially from trees or bushes with white flowers), certain skin creams / makeup,  etc

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